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Sutphen's Texas Thunder Award Winning BBQ Sauces

Texas Thunder BBQ Sauce
Sutphen's Texas Thunder BBQ Sauce

A unique collection of our special herbs & spices created to coat your meat with a glaze of sweet ecstacy, with flavoring & aroma to make you moan.
16 fl oz.   $5.00
Texas Thunder Chipotle BBQ Sauce
Sutphen's Texas Thunder Chipotle BBQ Sauce

Great with pork, beef and seafood. Serve as a side condiment at your table.

It's spicy but it aint gonna hurt ya!

A combination of flavors that is as tasty as it is unique. Chipotle (smoked red jalepeno peppers), combine with the heat of the habanero, blended together in a classic barbecue blend. Hot, Spicy with a little sweet on the side, makes for a taste as big as Texas. Developed to tingle the taste buds and ignite the flavor of your favorite foods.

Refrigerate after opening
Shake will before using.


16 fl oz.   $5.00
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