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Various published recognition for Sutphen's BBQ, Joey & Texas Thunder
Texas Monthly

May 1997

"The 50 best barbeque joints in Texas!"
Sutphen's BBQ
Borger, Tx


BORGER Sutphen's Pit Bar-B-Que Hickory House Sutphen's closed the doors of its last, deservedly renowned Amarillo location last year, leaving Joey Sutphen to carry on the trdition at the restaurant in Borger. He does a fine job too, turning out consistently tender ribs good enough to win the nationals in Cleveland as well as ham and chunk style brisket. Every meal is accompanied by a delightful bowl of pureed apricots a chutneylike palate cleanser and condiment perfect for dipping crisp battered onion rings or even a rib. Brisket plate $5.30. BYOB Rating: 4 300 N. Cedar, MC, V, checks accepted Closed on Sundays and Mondays. JNP

COOK BOOK : Recipes and Recollections from the Pit Bosses
Robb Walsh
page 85  

At SUTPHEN'S UP NEAR THE PANHANDLE, THEY SERVE APRICOT PUREE ON the side of every meat order. You can do the same thing at home, or you can make apricot chutney, which also goes well with barbecue. Here's an apricot-based barbecue sauce inspired by Joe Sutphen's apricot sauce.

Click here for recipe found in the book

Peace Love & Barbecue
RECIPES, secrets, tall tales and outright lies from the legends of Barbecue

Mike Mills & Amy Mills Tunnicliffe
Foreword by Danny Meyer
Introduction by Jeffrey Steingarten
Pages 84, 87  

Excerpt from page 84, Quote from good friend Billy Bones Wall, Sanford, Michigan

Billy's favorite rib show is in Reno every Labor Day weekend. "There are 2,002 miles of bad road from Michigan to Reno, but I do it gladly. For me, it's the most fabulous selling show in the country," he tells me.
Billy tells me funny story about our mutual friend Joey Sutphen, from Amarillo, Texas.
"Joey always accepts his trophy wearing Tenny Lamas- cowboy boot tops with tennis shoes for the foot part. And Mickey Mouse shorts. He's only 5'6" tall because he's weighed down with so much gold like Mr. T.
They always have a salute to the previous year's winner. They run videos; it's on national television. This one year he came in for his salute in a Texas duster coat, a big cowboy hat, white frilly shirt, boots, and Levi's. He said, 'I won last year, so I wanted to look special for this party.'
"Well, when they announced him, he went up on stage and took off his coat and he was packing a real .45 revolver. In a casino. In Reno. You should've seen 'em scramble! Steve Ascuaga, the organizer, handled it so cool. He said, 'Joey has always been a man of impeccable attire, but Joey, you've gone over the top tonight!'"
"Yep, that sounds just like Joey," I laugh. "He is one colorful character. He's lucky he didn't go to jail for that one!"
"Luckily they have a sense of humor out there," says Billy.

The Only Barbecue Book You'll Ever Need. A Guide to the Best Joints, the Best Sauces, the Best Cookers-And Much More
Authors: Greg Johnson & Vince Statene
Link to book@Amazon.com

Joey Sutphen described his secret to mouth-watering barbecue: "First you stick your arm in the smoke ans when all the hair is gone, that's how you know you're cooking good. When it's almost uninhabitable for human beings, that's when the smoke and sauce get married to the rib."

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